Krav Maga has been featured in numerous documentaries. The most famous were the Human Weapon the Fight Quest series. Both series were very similar in format involving mixed martial artists travelling the globe seeking to experience different martial arts at their source of origin. Both series dedicated episodes to Krav Maga. Human Weapon in particular was a great reflection of what we do at the IKMF as it involved a lot of the senior instructors from our organisation. The Human Weapon episode had major influence on us. A few days after watching it, we signed up at our nearest Krav Maga school. The episode really drove home the difference between a traditional martial art (a competing sport) versus Krav Maga (a self defence system). What might win you a fight in the ring won’t necessarily save your life on the street. The other big take away, was how easy it was to learn. As both series are so popular, we thought it only appropriate to point out where you can view the Krav Maga episodes on YouTube. Hopefully, you’ll get a really good idea of what Krav Maga is all about. Click on the following links to view Human Weapon and Fight Quest Krav Maga episodes. Enjoy!

Watch Human Weapon Watch Fight Quest