Frequently Asked Questions









What should I wear?
For your initial classes you do not need any special clothing, a track-suit or loose comfortable clothing is ideal. A month into your membership you will be expected to adopt the club/IKMF uniform. These are available through the club.

What equipment do I need ?
Training equipment is provided but students are expected to purchase their own as training progresses. Groin guards are must for realistic training. All equipment can be purchased through the club at discounted rates.

Do I need to be fit ?
Krav Maga is designed for men, women and children of all ages and abilities. It is not about sheer strength or power. Being fit will help, however fitness will improve the more you train.

How much does it cost ?
Membership prices are available on our website and will be discussed at the introductory workshops. If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly on 07508 091011.

Are there gradings ?
Yes there are. More information is available in the “About” section. They are not mandatory, however should you wish to grade, they will definitely aid your progression. Unlike other martial arts, there are no national competitions because of the nature of system.

Are the people friendly ?
Our Krav Maga classes are friendly and informal. Instructors use their first name. The focus is on learning the techniques and their applications. We do not accommodate egos and have zero tolerance for bad behaviour.

How long will it take to learn ?
Krav Maga is quick to pick up and easy to remember. You will learn useful, practical things from lesson one.

Is it safe ?
Like any martial art or sport, there is the possibility of injury. Specifically designed warm-ups are always conducted to reduce the risk. Should their be an injury, instructors are also qualified first aiders.