Human Weapon – Krav Maga Edpisode

Human Weapon is a television show on The History Channel that premiered on July 20, 2007. The hosts, Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, travel across the world studying the unique martial arts, or styles of fighting, that have origins in the region. Each episode usually consists of a brief introduction regarding the featured martial art, including footage of established fighters sparring. The hosts will then travel to various locations, learning several strikes, blocks, or other techniques valuable to the particular art from various instructors and/or masters. Along the way, they learn about the origins and cultural history of each fighting style. To help the viewer understand the moves the hosts learn, each technique is visually broken down with a motion capture element. After practicing featured aspects of the art, the hosts typically assess the various skills and their effectiveness. At the end of each episode one of the hosts must fight a representative of the episode’s fighting style. Watch what happened when they visited Israel to learn about Krav Maga.



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