The Difference

Krav Maga is unlike other martial arts because it isn’t one. If it had to be labeled a martial art then it would likely be called a street martial art. Much like the streets, there are no rules in Krav Maga, just principles. Attackers are unlikely to ask before they commence a fair fist fight or warn before they attempt to mug or rape their victims. Krav Maga practitioners train to do whatever they have to do in order to avert or defend themselves against attacks.

There are no competitions in Krav Maga, because there are no rules. That said, there are numerous stress scenarios, sometimes with white noise, reduced lighting, eye closed, etc… all things designed to increase the element of shock and surprise. In the real world that’s what’s likely to happen. Plus, a lot of martial arts are competing sports. Whilst the benefits are obvious, there can be a downside. Training for speed, power and tactics greatly enhances combative skills in the ring/dojo, however attention is required to asses their effectiveness on the street. If conditioned to fight under strict rules, what might happen when a fight spontaneously erupts without rules? How effective might one be against a surprise attack? What if the situation is totally unfamiliar?

A lot of the Krav Maga techniques have been written in blood. They’ve either saved lives or were developed because other techniques failed. Krav Maga teaches the most effective, quickest and more importantly instinctive techniques designed to work under high pressure situations.

Krav Maga is suitable for people of all sizes, ages and gender. It can also be very specialised. At the IKMF there is a full curriculum for children as young as 5, women, civilians, law enforcements, special forces, air marshals and military. Krav Maga is easy to learn because it builds on natural reactions. Unlike many martial arts that require years of choreographed patterns to develop muscle memory, Krav Maga draws on natural human instincts and turns them into defensive techniques and counter attacks. It’s like having a cheat sheet for an exam. Anyone can do it. It’s often said, Krav Maga is easy to learn and hard to forget.

Krav Maga is a real system for the real world. A win is when a practitioner reports a successful defence in a real-life situation. That’s why people practice Krav Maga. As Imi Lichtenfeld (the founder) famously said “so that one may walk in peace.”

As with many martial arts, there are many organisation that practice Krav Maga. We think it is a good thing as the message continues to spread and more lives are saved. We respect many of them, however we find ourselves at home with the IKMF – the GOLD standard.

At the IKMF we teach to the principles of Krav Maga, the principles Imi based the system on. The guiding principle is to avert danger. We always assume the worst possible scenarios when training. A good example is you have been caught unaware by a surprise attack by multiple attackers. You have be able to act immediately:

  • defend against the attack
  • stop further attacks
  • counter attack and control
  • neutralise the attacker
  • scan for other attackers at the scene
  • decide who next to engage
  • identify and exit routes
  • deliver more attacks and exit
  • don’t stay in a dangerous place

All this despite the rush of adrenaline!

We also avoid going down to the ground at all costs. In a situation of multiple attackers, it can be fatal. That’s what we teach at the IKMF.

The IKMF Global Instructor Team (GIT) are arguably the best Krav Maga practitioners in the world, averaging 25 years of Krav Maga experience each. They teach and certify their instructors first hand – from the source. What makes them different, is the passion they posses for Krav Maga. Even more so the desire to see their instructors and students become the best Krav Maga practitioners they can be…

  • Leading from the front – always striving to achieve excellence in their own abilities
  • Sharing their knowledge and wisdom – effective communicators and great teachers
  • Pushing the limits and beyond – tough drill instructors
  • Caring for their student – truly compassionate human beings

They do this without compromising the high standards set by Imi. When it comes to saving lives, there are no compromises.

At Carpe Diem (Latin for: seize the day) we are passionate about life. We see ourselves in you. Regular people seeking to improve their quality of life by doing the things they are passionate about. We take a 360 view when it comes to wellbeing, very much inline with the principles of Krav Maga. When we look at self defense, we look at all the aspects it involves:

  • Techniques & Syllabus – mindset & psychology
  • Purpose & Outcome – fitness & mobility
  • Aversion & Distraction Tactics
  • Negotiation & Facilitation

We think fitness is very important. Sure we’ll teach you Krav Maga which we liken to an insurance policy. However we don’t see why you shouldn’t get a lot more out of your sessions. We place great emphasis on physical conditioning. We specialise in Kettlebell training, Primal Move and tactical fitness. A lot of these element are incorporated into our classes. We believe that good physical conditioning will make you a much better Krav Maga practitioner. We seek to differentiate our students in every way we can. That said you don’t have to be in great shape to start with us. Just take the first step and we’ll help you get there.

In our regular classes we focus on the principles of Krav Maga and not solely on techniques alone. Principles are the context and we never lose sight of them. Our goal is to maximise the safety of our members outside the class.

When it comes to grading, we like our students to be over-prepared. We conduct syllabus walk-through sessions, pre-grading programmes, mock gradings and sign-off every student individually before registering them for a grading. We place emphasis on the values which we hope you share. We don’t impose them, as we believe our students should embody them in the first place. Carpe Diem core values are straightforward:

  • Train hard – there are no shortcuts
  • Be a student – willing to learn
  • Respect your fellow club members – we are a family
  • Exercise control at all times – we do not tolerate bad behaviour
  • No egos – we have nothing to prove
  • Never give up – have an indomitable spirit

We practice Krav Maga because we love it. That’s why we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you.