Women Self Defence

IKMF women only self defence seminar in Birmingham, UK 2012

The world’s leading women’s self defence seminar has arrived to the UK. More than 30,000 women worldwide have attended this specialist seminar, and you can too. This seminar is suitable for women of all levels of fitness. You don’t have to have any experience in martial arts to attend. Even if you have, we strongly recommend it.

Why Attend?
More than 80% of attacks on women are sexual in nature. In the majority of cases where there was no resistance, the assault was fully carried out. In more than 95% of cases where there was resistance, the attack was averted. In this seminar we teach you how to recognise common dangerous scenarios and understand when and how to react. We take it a step further by exploring the differences between men and women in order to better understand the different modes of responses available. In short we’ll cover: intuition, psychology, aggression, awareness and defensive techniques. You have most of the tools you need to defend yourself. We’ll make sure you know how and when to use them.

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